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This is a variant on a recipe I found in Passmore and Reid's “The Complete Chinese Cookbook”. Serves about 4.


quantity       ingredient       step
8 g       dried oyster mushrooms or       1
40 g       fresh or tinned oyster mushrooms       1
125 g       peeled prawns, preferably raw       2
20 ml       rice wine       2
125 g       squid tubes       3
180 g       egg noodles       4
50 g       carrot, pok choy or snow peas       5
20 g       celery       6
35 g       water chestnuts       6
25 g       bamboo shoots       6
30 g       spring onions       7
10 g       garlic       8
5 g       ginger       8
      frying oil       9
100 ml       chicken stock       12
8 g       cornflour       12
30 ml       light soya sauce       12
5 ml       sesame oil       12
      chopped coriander leaf       13


  1. If the oyster mushrooms are dried, soak them in hot water for 20 minutes. Chop into small pieces.

  2. Marinate the prawns in rice wine.

  3. Cut the squid tubes into pieces about 2 cm square.

  4. Cook the noodles, drain and rinse.

  5. Cut the carrot into julienne strips.

  6. Cut the celery, water chestnuts and bamboo shoots into thin slices.

  7. Cut the spring onions into rings.

  8. Finely chop ginger and garlic.

  9. Fry the spring onions until warm. Add successively the garlic and ginger, then the vegetables and mushrooms and fry for about 2 minutes.

  10. Either remove the vegetables from the pan, or use a second frying pan and fry the squid and prawns. If the prawns are raw, put them in first. The squid I use gives off a large amount of liquid, but this can still be used. If the prawns are cooked, put them in after the squid has started to sweat.

  11. Meanwhile, in (yet) another frying pan, fry the noodles until warm.

  12. Mix the vegetables, squid and prawns in one pan and add the chicken stock. Stir well, bring to the boil and then remove from the heat.

  13. Put the noodles in a serving dish, add the other ingredients, mix a little. Serve sprinkled with chopped coriander leaf.


The quantities in this recipe are, for the most part, very flexible. The only thing that surprised me was how many noodles it uses; the quantity I give above really looks about right, though between 2012 (first time) and 2016 our hunger seems to have diminished, and I now think that the recipe is enough for four by itself.

The original marinates the prawns in ginger wine and wants sugar and pepper in the sauce, neither of which seem right to me. I've also added bamboo shoots and more of the other vegetables.

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