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One of the things I do when I'm not hacking is to cook. I like to experiment, and I find that a number of recipe books really don't explain things at all well, or they omit important details. In this directory I'm collecting my recipes and links to other sites.


I have a large number of recipes online. They're not all mine, but simply a way to keep track of things. Many have comments.

Techniques and information


Things to try

  • Tajine d'agneau aux aubergines et pois chiches
  • Other recipe web sites

    These sites have a lot of recipes.


    I have a number of cookbooks, and I'm starting to comment on them here. Watch this space.


  • Saffron store (
  • Smoked and cured, smoking suppliers
  • Mysliceoflife (more smokers)
  • Other links

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