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Thursday, 19 September 2019 Dereel Images for 19 September 2019
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Web site update, one more small step
Topic: technology, opinion Link here

I really need to get round to completing my web site migration, but somehow I never find time for it. In the meantime it occurred to me that I'm not alone on the site: Chris Bahlo also has on the same machine, so we'll need to move that too. Moved her stuff across and sent her a mail message, cleverly designed to arrive when she's at a mediaeval tournament somewhere in St Ives, so she won't have any time to look at it.

Then took a look at my PHP problem. This code:

    if ($alignments [0])
       switch ($alignments [0])

gave rise to this error message:

[Mon Sep 16 07:00:54.671353 2019] [php7:notice] [pid 68500] [client] PHP Notice:  Uninitialized string offset: 0 in /home/grog/ on line 29

OK, follow what's going on. Did I not pass a correct string? After some searching discovered yes, I did, but the code was in a loop:

  foreach ($cols as $col)
        switch ($alignments [0])
        $alignments = substr ($alignments, 1);    /* shift left */

That works fine in C, but PHP doesn't like people looking at empty strings, thus the message. Once I understood that, fixing it was simple:

        if (strlen ($alignments) > 1)
          $alignments = substr ($alignments, 1);    /* shift left */

Next, what are these strange modules that I saw on Monday. What are session_module and MPM? Something that Chris wanted, maybe? Off looking in my diary and found this entry, which didn't really make things that much clearer. But at least now I have a lead.

And that's about all I did, though I'm now down to only two immediate things to do:

More kangaroos
Topic: animals, general Link here

For some obscure reason the kangaroos are out in force again:

This should be Kangaroos-2.jpeg.  Is it missing?
Image title: Kangaroos 2          Dimensions:          5095 x 2631, 2980 kB
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Diary entry for Thursday, 19 September 2019 Complete exposure details



This should be Kangaroos-1-detail.jpeg.  Is it missing?
Image title: Kangaroos 1 detail          Dimensions:          1371 x 197, 127 kB
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All images taken on Thursday, 19 September 2019, thumbnails          All images taken on Thursday, 19 September 2019, small
Diary entry for Thursday, 19 September 2019 Complete exposure details


It was very windy today, but I can't see any reason why that would make a difference.

Another power failure
Topic: Stones Road house, general Link here

Yet another power failure today, similar to the ones I've been having all week. This was the shortest, at only 2 seconds, and there was only one.

What are they doing?

Shut up, bloody chrome!
Topic: technology, opinion Link here

Somehow I have had problems with web browsers almost since they came into existence. Each new browser seems to be worse than the one that came before it. mosaic, then netscape, then firefox. firefox is clearly on the way out, something that you'd think I would welcome. But I kept it because I was able (with some pain) to remap the keys to something closer to Emacs.

How could that be allowed to happen? So firefox broke the interface that allowed that kind of addon. No advantage to firefox any more, and at least one significant disadvantage:

 5370 grog           89  20    0  4917M  3390M uwait   6  18.6H  14.79% firefox
 5330 grog           53  20    0  1090M   514M uwait   7 744:53   4.20% firefox
32079 grog           51  20    0  2007M  1276M uwait   6 145:28   2.10% firefox
93996 grog           56  20    0  1369M   857M uwait   6  10:31   0.10% firefox
 5045 grog            4  20    0   704M   122M select  5   4:20   0.20% emacs-24.5

Look at that memory usage! Four instances using a total of 9,393 MB of address space and 6,037 MB of RAM! mosaic got by on an 8 MB system! And doesn't last century's memory hog, Emacs, look insignificant by comparison! I'm really amazed how a browser can use so much memory. Yes, they keep adding things to them, but surely you could do that in a tenth of the space. Each instance seems to swallow 1 GB of memory before it even gets started.

Now that firefox has removed its one advantage over chrome, why not use that instead? It has some positively horrible paradigms, but then so has firefox. So today I fired one up, marveling at the way it positioned itself a little too far down on the screen, so that it ran off at the bottom. Maybe that's modern, but my guess is that it has miscalculated window frame widths (something that it wants to do itself to make it incompatible with everything else on the screen). But it worked as far as I tried.

But then in the evening, while watching TV, Chrome suddenly took over the screen. “Can't update Chrome”. That's OK, I don't want you to. But what insolence on the part of the developers to interrupt what I'm doing for an error message about a function I neither asked for nor want!

Friday, 20 September 2019 Dereel Images for 20 September 2019
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More garden work
Topic: gardening Link here

Mike Solley, the gardener, along this morning to repair the damage he did to the lawn mower last week, and to continue preparations for spring. Things are looking a lot tidier now.

Modern web language
Topic: language, music, opinion Link here

Yvonne didn't know why the Great C Major was called that: there's also a Little C Major. What was the number again? Off to ask Google. One of the high-ranking answers blew my mind:

Symphonie Nr. 6 C-Dur D 589 "Kleine C-Dur" - Song By Wolfgang ...
Explore Symphonie Nr. 6 C-Dur D 589 "Kleine C-Dur", a song first recorded by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart. Where did they get Mozart from?
View Symphonie Nr. 6 C-Dur D 589 "Kleine C-Dur" ...

How many things are wrong about this!

To be fair, this was only Google's representation of the page. I didn't find the text in the (almost empty) entry, and at least they now claim that it was Schubert who “recorded” the “song”. But this kind of stupidity turns my stomach.

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