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November 1963
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This page was entered manually from the paper originals, mainly between 15 May 2017 and 20 May 2017. The entry for 22 November 1963 was entered on the 50th anniversary, 22 November 2013. The last three days were entered first between October 2011 and January 2015. Items in italics, like this, were added during this time.

Friday, 1 November 1963 KT
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Extremely little of interest happened today. In french, Mr Newman went on to prove that he was a very unusual type, but did not give us a test on last nights prep.

Then PE, and we had an interteam competition, and, after a few sore behinds and legs etc, we won, which is about the first time I have been in a winning team.

In latin, we were given a piece of verse to translate. I am sure I will make an absolute and utter mess of it.

In maths, we had to do a 'B' paper, and I did not do as badly as usual. However, as I had been told, I went over to Stoneleigh at 12.15, but was told to come back after lunch, and so did not miss chemistry, in which Clod went on to a very technical description of catalysts.

In the afternoon, it was pouring with rain, so, of course, the pioneers were free, and I managed to sort out my stamps into the respective states, although it took me a long time.

In the evening, we had Deutsch, in which Gilks got a great long gash down the side of his trousers, and we did little else, and english, in which we did next to nothing.

Nedham has brought his flute back - just as well, as mine is being repaired.

Saturday, 2 November 1963 KT
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In assembly today, the Weed told us that he thought we would shortly be having a new hours in the school - once we stopped wasting power.

Latin, and, after finishing off yesterdays unseen, we were given another - that was not very nice.

In french, after a bit of messing around, we did about a page ½ [?] of Maupassant - rather boring, as we had all already done it. In physics, we were going to have a test, but I think Poop realised that he was behind, and might, if we are lucky, finish it off next week.

Music after break, and I got my ticket to the Creation from TDH, but it was only a 5/- ticket.

In the afternoon, I turned up for pioneers, just in time to knock off. That was fun - Just after I had been telling Daw how slack we were. Went inside again, and did some stamps, but was soon kicked out by matron so that the cleaners could come in. After roll call, Nedhame came along with his flute, but we were joined by P. Jones, who kicked us out to 26.

Creation in the evening, very interesting, although they left out a lot. Managed to get hold of the score. The contrabassoon part was not as good as I expected.

Why was I specifically interested in the contrabassoon part? This was before I started learning the bassoon.

Sunday, 3 November 1963 KT
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Today, by some chance, was not as boring as it usually is.

After breakfast, I spent my time putting some stamps in my album, and this took me all my time until chapel.

Chapel itself was by no means as boring as normal, especially as the sun was shining for a while, and made it seem almost religious.

After chapel, I went down to the armoury to clean up my corps. uniform, and got both it and me into a horrible mess. Then, as I was just about to write to Régine, in comes Tyson, and drags me to to his study to fill in my record form and have a chat with him. He then called in Lloyd and had the same chat with him.

After lunch, I borrowed “Crime & Punishment” by Достоeвски from the library. As Chivers did not turn up for recorder practice, I went down to the bottom fields and messed up Christies model aeroplane for him.

Then there was a film, and I spent it standing up and commenting on it to Callow. Then, after getting a warning for dirty shoes, I went for a recorder practice in 27 with Chivers and Wadland, and quite enjoyed some of the duets.

Monday, 4 November 1963 KT
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Monday again, looming dark no longer on the horizon. Did my french prep during assembly, but I should have realized that Newman was slacker even than Popsy. He has not yet given us a written test.

In double physics, Poop did a few more experiments with electrostatics, which were rather thought provoking. He even got onto condensers, which were, however, rather simple. In the second period he left us to do a hell of a lot of work (3 periods worth) which I finished in ½ hour.

French again, and as slack as anything except divinity, which was absolutely farcical. All we did was to make perverse comments on St. Paul and mob.

In the afternoon, unfortunately, corps, and, after trying to clean up my kit for half an hour, I gave up. In the inspection, I did not do too badly.

After that, drill with Sarge, and he noticed that my boots were hurting, and so I just stood by and watched.

After tea, weapon training, including a Bazooka, which is a hell of a thing.

St. John Passion again in the evening. Same old thing. In prep, just as Green was translating an unseen about storms for me, that is what we had. H₂O, H₂O, everyw...

Tuesday, 5 November 1963 KT
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English first this morning, and I discovered that I had prepared far further than I had needed to. Still, it won't do any harm.

Divvers, by Sykes was not in quite such a flippant mood, and even threatened to give me a detention.

In maths, we got our tests back, and I did fairly well, but should have done better.

After break, Latin, and we had some time to finish off the unseen, but it was not much. Did not manage to finish off the fair copy.

Maths again, and Jimmy went over all the loci, but fortunately we did not do any constructions.

Russian after lunch, and we had Урок 5. (or was it 6?), which shows how rapidly they get tougher. Then clarinet, and White hopped it before 3.

Double deutsch in the evening. Got our half term order. I seem to be static at 4th, but Sharp has fallen to 3rd, and if I slog, I might be able to beat him next time. Tyson, however, thinks that my performance is excellent.

Wednesday, 6 November 1963 KT
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Urged by Mott, I washed my sarong again this morning.

In the summer, encouraged by my father, I stopped wearing pyjamas and wore a sarong instead, much to the indignation of many of my schoolmates.

In english, as promised, we got our long-[promised] test. Took nearly the whole period on it, and, as Daw could not read my writing, Boris corrected it. I hope I do not do too badly. Latin, and I got my unseen back. A total of 6/32, and I was scared stiff of getting a detention. However, none was forthcoming, thank God. In Maths, we went over last nights prep and carried on in the same vein.

During break, we had a house meeting and another CRC [?] election. Glennie is the new member. Then chemistry - same old thing. Just talking our heads off, and Prüfung in Deutsch.

In the afternoon, during the match, I spent about an hour and a half practicing with Chivers, and finally we decided that we would play the Mattheson suite in C minor for 3 Altblockflöten.

After roll call, went into town as usual, and bought a copy of life, which hd something about DNA etc in it. Most interesting, but it took all my money. Then choir practice, and I told Wadland that we were doing the Mattheson, and after supper he gave it to me. Not too hard, I think.

Thursday, 7 November 1963 KT
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Got going on the Mattheson before breakfast this morning. Quite easy except for the fugue, which will need rather a lot of practice, I think.

Double chemistry first, and Clod was threatening a test, but we ended up just writing until the end of the period. What a waste.

In physics, Poop gave us all our time to finish off what I finished on Monday.

After break, french, and we just carried on translating the “House for sale” and did not even get tested. Just as well, too.

Maths after that. More A section to do, and nearly got stuck over the simplest type of problem.

In the afternoon, wind band in big school, Green looking on. He gave me some interesting comments.

Pioneers - I turned up at about 2.50, and on the mixer were Chivers, Callow and Wadland. As a result, we did not do a thing except fool around, and quite enjoyed ourselves.

Latin first in the evening, and another blowing up from Mansell.

In Deutsch, we started off by doing a french translation, but then went through yesterday's Prüfung.

Friday, 8 November 1963 KT
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Quite a bit of mail today - QST, airletters from P.O, money from Mum. She was rather peeved that I had bought the stamps from Barry. Wants me to return them.

French first, and we got our books back - 16/20, which was not too bad. The rest was slack.

PE, and it was the big ones v.s. the small one. I had Moreley as partner, and he was not allowed to do too much - he was too big.

At the time I was about 1.83 m tall, but Moreley was more like 1.95 m.

Latin - Mansell not there, and had to prepare for him. After break, Maths, in which we had a test on constructions, and Chemistry, in which we put acid all over books, coins, etc.

In the afternoon, TDH told us that he wanted no recorders in the concert, but we could do it next term. After that, we practiced with his Spielbüchen, Wadland and Chivers on Tenor, and me helping Wadland on baß. Then to room 26 and helping with the Pepusch quintet - turning pages for Newman, after which Chivers and I with the Spielbücher again.

Deutsch first in the evening - gave us nearly all the period to prepare Emil. Tyson is slacking. Corrected our tests in English. I did not do as well as in is my wont (or want). 40 Lines from Dupée for pushing in the hatch [?].

Saturday, 9 November 1963 KT
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Got a letter from Régine this morning, very nice, and she was obviously pleased to hear from me. Sent a bit of hair, which I thought rather amusing, but I suppose it is supposed to represent affection. Nice thought.

Latin first, and we had a short quiz, in which I did not do at all well, and my class position is down to 15th, and so I have asked Mansell if I can go back to the front. In french, on to Maupassant, and little of that. Physics, and Poop reckons that I am slap-happy because I know it all already. Music after break, and we had, among other things, Bach'scoffee cantata“. In those days, the German for Coffee must have been “Koffee” rather than “Kaffee”, judging by the sound.

In fact, it was “Coffee”. The current pronunciation came from the French later in the century. From the Brothers Grimm:

Da uns der kaffee zuerst von Holländern und Engländern zugeführt ward, herscht anfangs die form coffee, koffee (die noch bei alten leuten und landsch. gilt, auch botanisch lat. noch coffea); im 18. jh. drängte sich das frz. café vor, wol unter dem einflusz der sich ausbreitenden kaffeehäuser nach franz. muster, ward aber dann deutscher gemacht als káffê (Adelung wollte 'kaffeh'), landschaftlich selbst káffĕ. schweiz. ist das wort n., in gekochter gestalt, e guets kaffee;

Pioneers in the afternoon, and Brunt saw fit to try and operate the mixer. After the first mix, we had to clean out the sump of the mixer, while Chivers and I just made nuisances of ourselves, and then got some water to clean the mixer out with. In the evening, after Roll Call, I went over to the Wireless Club, where Baratt was having considerable difficulty trying to make his oscilloscope work, but did not have much success. Lecture on Dykes in the evening, very interesting.

Sunday, 10 November 1963 KT
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Remembrance Sunday

Before breakfast this morning, I just generally tidied up the mess around my radio, but I did not have much time, as, owing to the memorial service, I was due to robe up at 9.34. The service itself was rather boring, except for the fact that the P.H. Cantoris boys went right to the back, and the basses could not get in until the others had climbed down the other end. The decani mob, for some reason, went into the second row.

I think P.H. must have been Pyrland Hall, the prep school associated with Kings, so these would have been trebles and altos between about 10 and 13 years old.

Corps just after chapel, and I spent a long time on it, as I also had to sew on my shoulder flashes and 1st class shot badge. I hope they don't object to the red cotton. Then tried to fix up the loudspeaker. Not all that much success. Must buy a new one. Wrote to Régine, and after lunch Gretta [sic] and Mum. That took till about 2.10, after which I went into one of the practice rooms and played flûte, clarinette and flûte à bec until 4.0. Then had tea, and Green tells me that as soon as I get my privelege, I shall become a member of the wireless club. After roll call, finished off Duprée's 40 Lines, and then more Blockflöten. After supper a memorial service accompanied by a brass band. In all my life I have never heard, or made, so much noise.

Monday, 11 November 1963 KT
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No letter from Mum, which is unusual for Mondays. French first, and he just finished off the prose that we were doing - orally

Double physics was yet another demonstration, this time of Ohm's law. He seemed to treat the lot of us as if we were thick. The results were not very accurate.

French again after break, and we did even less. That fellow is like Popsy warmed up. Divvers was even slacker. The whole time ws spent in fooling round, and we did hardly any work.

After lunch, corps, and another inspection - indoors, as it was too wet outside. Then, however, we had drill outside, which was a really gruelling experience. left turns, etc.

Then Liegh tried to teach us about intervisibility, but failed. We were allowed to change after that, and then we had a thing about section leading when it turned out that Liegh taught us all wrong last week,

Choral society meeting in hobbies prep, rather fun.

In second prep, Russian. Tyson got me to take his tape recorder up and down.

Tuesday, 12 November 1963 KT
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Still no letter from Mum & Dad. Hope they write soon.

English first, and we just went over what we did last week.

Divinity in 2nd period, and, true to his promise, Sykes gave us a divvers test, but then gave us such a choice that I could not help finding something which I knew. Thank God divvers does not count as a proper subject. Then maths and after going over Sat's prep, we did another paper.

Latin, and Mansell gave us a test on some elementary stuff, in which we did terribly, so he blew us up and told us to learn it. Then maths - paper again.

In the afternoon, Tyson told me that he thought I and doing well in Russian. I wish I thought the same. Then a clarinet lesson, and we discovered some music which I could play for the music scholarship on 30/XI/1963.

As I finished that late, did not turn up for pioneers. Double Deutsch was rather boring, being just the comparison of adjectives, which was not much fun, but we took the whole double period on it. Got Tyson to let me do some extra Deutsch in prep. Took ½ an hour.

Wednesday, 13 November 1963 KT
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Still no letter from Mum and Dad. English first, in which we carried on with what we were doing yesterday, but did not get very far.

Latin, and we spent all our time trying to translate the Caesar which we had been given to prepare last nigh, but did not get very far.

Maths, and we got our order - down to 8th. Must buck up.

In chemistry, learnt my Deutsch, and little else. Deutsch was rather fun, and Tyson came up to me and said “Why haven't you finished” as soon as he put it up.

After lunch, he corrected my excercise from last night, and says he thinks I could take 'A' Level Deutsch in summer '65 instead of '66.

Chivers and I then spent a pleasant hour and 20 minutes playing Blockflöten, and it was amazing how quickly the time went.

Went into town in the evening, but did not do anything, as there was little I could. Hit the Jackpot in choir practice - about 7 sheets of stuff. Natural science society detained at Bristol police station for some time.

Thursday, 14 November 1963 KT
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Finally a letter from Mum - just a tiny note. Still nothing from Germany.

Double chemistry, which was a hell of a waste of time, and all we did was fool around putting various types of acid on coins (mainly pennies) and talk about half term report, which we had last night.

Physics was not much more interesting. Poop was going on about ohms law, etc, but few people learnt much, either because they knew it, they couldn't understand, or they didn't listen. After break, french, and I discovered that I had not done all of my prep, but Newman did not seem to mind.

Maths, and we were doing some most peculiar geometry problems.

In the afternoon, wind band practice in big school and had a bit of fun trying to transpose onto the A clarinet, but did not get far playing in E major.

Green then had a look at my clarinet and says that he would like to take up a musical instrument - woodwind. We will see about that.

Latin in the evening, and Mansell got a bit peeved as I was yawning.

Deutsch, and I did far too badly in the last Prüfung - only 21/30 - 70%.

“Any questions” in the evening. Dead boring.

There was a radio programme of that name, but it's not clear that that is what I meant.

Friday, 15 November 1963 KT
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Still no letters. The weather lately is bitterly cold, and shows signs of getting worse.

French first, which was not very interesting, as all we did was to go through the excercise that I was supposed to have done on Monday, but didn't.

PE was circuit training, and, as Lennox and Robinson were in my team, we only got 175 total marks, which was 3rd from the bottom mark.

Latin - more Caesar, and Mansell got me onto it, damn him. I made a hell of a mess of it.

Maths, not much fun, and so I did not pay much attention. Chemistry - a nice little test, although many did not think so

Pioneers in afternoon, and we were moving sand. Then, after a sudden shower of rain, which reminded Drax and me of Malaya. Brunt chucked some concrete at us. His doom is sealed.

Deutsch - 71/75, which is not bad, but I could do better.

In english, Boris got us onto a do-it-yourself or you-go-along crossword puzzle, and, strange to say, I got 204, 3rd highest mark.

Saturday, 16 November 1963 KT
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Common room line-up this morning, and during it, I noticed that I had a flute lesson at 10.30. Also some food from Mrs. Baudouy, and a letter from Tante Else, in which she says that he is too busy, but she wants me and Bev to come in Easter.

Latin, and I did netter than I thought in the translation, although it still was not much.

French, and I finally got round to handing my french book in. He did not mind that it was so late.

Then a flute lesson, in which she said that the flute was hardly worth anything, and just tired to get me to develop my tone.

Double music, and we had Schubert's 8th “Unfinished” symphony. Very nice. TDH also gave me permission to take up the Bassoon. Just wants Mum & Dads permission.

In the afternoon, free day, so I decided to read a bit further in “Crime and Punishment”. It is beginning to get interesting.

Then, after tea, and roll call, I decided to show Forward how to play the clarinet properly, but we could not find a decent clarinet, and he ended up playing my B♭, and me transposing on the A.

2nd prep I did some Bassoon practice, but got fed up, and did clarinet instead.

Sunday, 17 November 1963 KT
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Before chapel this morning, I had intended to show Green something about the recorder, but as he did not turn up, I spent the time doing some stuff in my flute book, which Chivers reckons should be for the recorder anyway.

In robing up, Radcliffe told us that Mrs Weed had taken offence to us letting in the cat into chapel last night after choir practice, and generally making a row, so after chapel we had to go and apologise to her, which was OK, as she was very pleased that we had had the guts to do so. Then a quick wind band practice, in which Ravenor insisted we had improved beyond recognition. In the afternoon, after getting denims for field day tomorrow, and leaving them in the orderly room, I started to play some recorder duets with Chivers, which was rather fun, and so I got out the bassoon and played that. I wish I could get a fingering chart for it.

This was a Hawkes instrument with French-style fingering, something like the one I bought decades later, but for which I still have no entry in my musical instruments page.

I never found a specific fingering chart for it, but bassoon fingering is a matter of taste anyway.

Then a film, 7 brides for 7 brothers, which was very amusing indeed, although a little improbable - 7 backwoodsmen who use their rather rough methods to get wives.

Music club concert in the evening. Apart from Stanley, hardly a mistake was made.

Monday, 18 November 1963 KT
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This morning a letter from Bev, with card from Tante Else in, presumably to be translated. Also to “Madame Grégory Lehey”, a birthday card reeking of cheap perfume from Mr Merrat of Châteauroux.

This was the “poor sailor” whom I didn't mention on 31 August 1963. My mother had been very nice to him, and she had given him my address, which presumably confused him.

French first, and a test, in which I did not do too well, and then a double physics, which was another experiment on ohm's law. Had to work out the resistance of the various coils, but the voltmeter, which was only 67 opv, introduced considerable error.

“opv” should read Ω/V, i.e. an indication of the the sensitivity of the meter. Typical analogue voltmeters had sensitivities between 5,000 and 50,000 Ω/V. Of course, once the resistance is known, it can be compensated for.

French again, and we had to translate a minute fraction of a prose, and he took it in. I don't think I did too badly.

Then divvers, in which he put a few caustic comments.

Finally a letter from Tante Grete at lunch time - written more or less in the old german script, and Zebedee and I spent most of our time trying to read/translate it.

Corps field day in the afternoon, which was an absolute and utter waste of. In hobbies prep, I wrote to Tante Grete and Mum, which took me all my time.

Russian lesson in the evening, and a much harder lesson.

Tuesday, 19 November 1963 KT
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Letter from Barry about the stamps this morning. Not very helpful, but did say that Régine sent her love.

English first, and we worked on our own while Boris did some corrections personally.

In divvers, we were just allowed to carry on making notes about the missionary journeys, and also a hell of a lot of laughs.

Maths - we just finished off an old or stated a new paper, the latter in my case.

After break, latin, and we got our books back. Despite Greens help, I only got 38%, which was not all that high for this one.

Maths again, and Jimmy went over graphs with us. Very interesting, especially some of the inverse graphs.

Russian, and we tried a bit harder to understand lesson 6, and more or less did. Clarinet lesson next, rather uneventful, but did choose a thing to play for the music scholarship. The, after he left, I carried on practicing.

In double Deutsch I got 2/6 out of Tyson for being able to repeat the poem we had to learn for prep, which Morgan also tried to do, but did not do nearly so well.

That's quite impressive. In 2017 terms, 2/6 (⅛ £) was about $7 Australian. I wonder what the poem was.

Listened to a BBC broadcast of intermediate German, which was very interesting.

Wednesday, 20 November 1963 KT
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Got a letter from Mrs Baudouy this morning and said that neither she nor Van could come up, but Régine would come up by herself by train. Real devotion eh?

English first, and, as Boris promised, we had a test. Not very long or difficult though.

In latin, Mansell spoke for the whole period about the stage. Quite interesting.

Maths, and we got our last monts [?] graphs back. Some ink spilt on mine, with a “sorry” beside it.

Chemistry was rather boring, as Clod did not turn up, and Vodden made quite sure that we did not fool around.

Deutsch - 20/20 in the last test, but not much else happened.

In the afternoon, Chivers and I were playing recorders, when in walks Radden [?], and blows us up for not having a chit. Then goes and plays next door, and when we go in, threatens to give us a drill, later amended to 40 lines.

Went into the town after roll call, and got a roll of very fast film - 400 ASA

One of the first mentions of photography. 400 ASA did not remain “very fast” for long.

and also checked on Botts guitar for him. Then, in the evening, called up to the study, and, after hearing my and Chivers story, I was given a 1 hour detention. Chivers reckons I should complain.

Thursday, 21 November 1963 KT
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Still no letter from Mum. I wish she would write more often.

Double chemistry again, and it was yet another wasted period, as all we did was talk. Clod even apolgised to me, as it was so obviously boring. However, there was the occasional laugh.

Physics, and Poop proved the formula of paralell resistors.

After break, we had french, and I got 67% on the thing that we did on Monday, and then got onto Maupassant.

After that Maths, and, as I had finished all the paper, I was at a rather loose end.

In the afternoon, after wind band, in which Ravenor told us that we did very well on Sunday and told us to be better tomorrow, I showed up for Pioneers, when I was back on the wheelbarrows, and was as slack as usual. Spent most of the time talking to Chivers about how to berry [sic] Kemble.

Latin - more Caesar, and not interesting. Deutsch. I only got 26/30. Must buck up.

Fire in the evening, just before supper. I thought it was a fake at first.

Frederick Grinke on the fiddle in the evening. Very good indeed.

Friday, 22 November 1963 KT
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† J.F.Kennedy

Still no letter from Mum. At this rate I won't have any ticket on the 14th of next month.

French first, and, as we hadn't done our prep, we just looked over the next Grammar section. Alvis had my Gym shoes during PE, so I could not turn up, and spent most of my time trying to read a german book about Schumann.

Latin - we spent the entire period talking about the Roman calender, and I learnt quite a bit that I did not know before.

After break, a timed Maths test, and I think I did quite well on it. We will see.

Chemistry - the only interesting thing was what Clod told me about the structural formula of benzene. All single bonds, with 6 electrons hanging about elsewhere.

Wind band in the music festival afterwards, and we got 88% and were second. Then watched all until tea.

Chivers, Wadland etc. in sextet got 90% and a 1st. Should be going again tomorrow.

During prep, we went for an early supper, and left for Bishop Fox's after chapel. While there I met an interesting girl from Bridgwater, and got her address, etc. Few nasty comment from behind me. Choir got 93, highest so far.

Bishop Fox's was a girl's school in Taunton. It was while we were there that we heard the news of Kennedy's death. The only mention I made of it was at the top of the page.

Saturday, 23 November 1963 KT
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I wish I would get a letter from Mum & Dad soon. First period was Latin, and once again we were talking about the roman system of dates, and especially about leap years.

French, and мore Maupassant. He seems to associate Saturdays with Maupassant.

For some reason, starting here and continuing sporadically until the next day, it seems that I wrote Russian м instead of m in a couple of places.

Physics, and he showed us how to do all the electricity problems. What a pity.

During мusic, we had to watch the music festival, naturally enough, but by the time I had heard 19 “ecossaises” I was rather utterly bored stiff. Some of the birds in the U. 13 section looked a bit out of place, though. Could be interesting.

Saw Mrs. Skiv in the afternoon, and it seeмs that Mrs. Baudouy rang up the Weed about Régine coming out. So it is all off. Damn her.

The pioneers did little in the afternoon, but Drax got a little annoyed with мe for turning up late from music festival.

Detention in the evening, and I spent мost of мy time learning Deutsch strong verbs.

Concert - very interesting, but no birds. Rather a pity. Alмost spoilt the evening. After we got back, we go the food left over froм the dance, and also some cocoa in kitchen.

Sunday, 24 November 1963 KT
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Before chapel this morning, I did very little. Apart from the usual I ended up rather bored, and did a bit of music practice. Then generally looking round the notice boards etc.

In chapel, we had a few interesting hymns, but there was something wrong with the incence, which smelt absolutely horrible.

After chapel, I had a go at fixing up a small sparking that had been occurring round the focus control of the scope. After that, Lee wanted мe to help hiм with a record player, which was in a hell of a мess. I washed мy hands of it, and went and played recorders with Chivers.

In the afternoon, after writing home, got Masheder to try and play recorders, but he did not realise that it is needed to tongue. Borrowed Piccolo's tape recorder, and recorded ourselves on it. Not very good quality, but it was fun.

After roll call, went on by myself, as nobody else wanted to turn up, and had a go on the bassoon. Pity I don't have a fingering chart for it.

In the evening, Deutsch films with Tyson, which were exceeding interesting, and one had a bit about Kennedy.

Monday, 25 November 1963 KT
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Finally! 4 letters, and 2 sarongs. Mrs Baudouy can come up on Sunday, so that is all right, and I will probably be leaving school on the 12th of next month, staying at Netherton for 4 days, and going to Hannover by the 16th.

French was rather boring - just went over the rest of the grammar.

Double physics was to find the internal resistance of a cell, and it worked out quite well, but not as well as it could have been.

French again, and we did a prose, but we were allowed to look up, so it was not all that bad.

Divvers was rather more boring than usual.

In the afternoon, corps, and, as usual, I was not much cop during the inspection, and got 2/10 or so. Then drill, which was horrible, and really painful. Nicholas gave up in the middle of it.

Weapon training after tea, and we made a hell of a mess of it, as usual in this game.

Wrote a couple of letters instead of going to the choral society. Corps leaves me utterly fagged.

Tuesday, 26 November 1963 KT
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English first in the morning, and watching us, we had the headmaster of a school in Sarawak, who is over here for the term to study various education techniques.

Divvers was more like the beginning of term, especially as Paul is getting into trouble again, and got put in the clink.

I think this must be St. Paul.

Then maths, and rather sobered up again and carried on with various maths papers, and were constantly being reminded by Jimmy that it is less than a week now.

Latin after break, and Mansell gave us some sentences to do, which he had also given to the removes and the 6th.

Maths again, and carried on. Jimmy said that we would not be tested on Prep this week, but perhaps next.

Russian, and carried on with the lesson that we were doing last night.

Then clt. lesson. Music scholarship on Saturday, so no more lessons before it.

After tea, double Deutsch, and we had quite some fun. Let us a stinking prep, but in the last half-hour of the period, he played us a gramophone record. Must be going crazy.

Talking about customs at airports in dorm.

Wednesday, 27 November 1963 KT
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Letter from Régine this morning, and also one from Mrs. Treays. Régine was very disappointed about not being able to come on Sunday. Expressed her opinion of Weed.

English, and we carried on into set 4, with the fellow from Sarawak looking on from the back.

Latin, and we spent our time going over the sentences we had been given yesterday. Does not look very hopeful.

Maths, and Jimmy went over all the theorems that we are supposed to know, which took up most of the period.

Chemistry - once more, Clod hardly turned up again, and so we carried on with our slacking.

Deutsch hat a test on last nights prep, which took all our time except for a few more notes.

In the afternoon, a bit of recorder practice by myself, and also wrote a few letters, and then, after roll call, went into town. I think I might be able to keep it up until the end of term. Got PO. for 49/6 for a sinclair Slimline, but it does not include battery.

Choir practice, and once more we made a right mess of things. Discovered I can get low F in baß.

Deep notes were considered a sign of manhood. I was never cut out to be a bass.

Thursday, 28 November 1963 KT
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Double chemistry first this morning, and Clod did not give us a chance to even ask him for a practical, as he almost immediately hopped it again to read the newspapers, although he did give me a better book than Littler to read.

In physics Poop did not urn up, as there was an O level physics exam going one next door, so Drax supervised us.

After break french, and I did not do too well in the prose we did, although it was quite easy.

In maths, Jimmy gave us some recent 'O' level papers, 20 in all, which really were rather juicy.

Wind band in the afternoon, and we were back on to the Sullivan, and, as of old, we made a mess of it. After that, it was a free day, and, as the common room was absolutely packed, I hung round various parts of the school, and wasted my time in various ways. Got a couple of books out of the science library, quite interesting.

In Latin we started doing some ancient history notes, and were quite interesting.

In Deutsch, after doing a bit of talking, we took down yet another lot of notes. lso got a new book - finished the old one with various excercises - Tyson corrected in prep.

Friday, 29 November 1963 KT
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French first this morning, and we managed to get him on to Maupassant, and, unfortunately, we finished it. Might be able to get him on to La Parure, though.

In PE, as I had no stuff to wear at all, I went into the library and read the articles in the Encyclopedia Brittanicca on Malaya It was rather hopelessly out of date. In latin, we got our sentences back, and I did not do as well as I had hoped - only 22/70, and I had hoped to get at least ½ marks.

In maths, just going over papers all the time. in chemistry, Clod caught me laughing my haid off, and says he will give me a detention. I hope not.

In the afternoon, I turned up for pioneers on time for once and rather startled a few people. Drax wanted to know where I had been on Tuesday, but as soon as I told him I had russian, he was sidetracked. Got a bit annoyed because we were so slow with the mix, and made us dig.

Deutsch, and just a few sentences on tonight's prep. Did not do very well.

Were arguing with Boris on whether a womans place is in the home or not, and had quite a few interesting views.

Saturday, 30 November 1963 KT
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St. Andrew

Late rising this morning for chapel, and it seemed almost like Sunday. Quite a few good hymns, and it got rid of french and latin.

Physics in 3rd period, and Poop came in late and promptly blew us up for something or another, and then spent the entire period telling us what we were supposed to have learnt. What a waste of time.

Spent 4th and 5th periods practicing for the music scholarship, which I was due to sit for after lunch, and in 5th period Chivers came in to accompany me. Hobbs also had a go.

More practicing after lunch, and then the thing itself. He started of by telling me I had better be good, and then I realised that the last fellow had played the same tune as I. I don't think I passed.

After that, Green came in, and I showed him the recorder, and spent until 4.00 pm on it, and more or less enjoyed ourselves.

Dancing after Roll call, for the first time in weeks, and I do not seem to have missed much - still as good as ever.

After supper, recorders with Chivers, and something was wrong with the key on my tenor recorder, and ended up broken.

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